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Take a Deeper Dive with Joe 

Over the course of a year, a few years back, Joe Callahan undertook a very special project designed to give you some great “nuggets” of financial advice on a lot of different topics. This section of our website is to permanently share these great ideas with you and your friends/family. There are 26 different topics, all lasting one minute.

A couple things you should know before you get started watching these very informative and fun videos; First, all 26 are centered around the theme of “Financial Freedom.” As a result, they are shot on location in some very interesting places ... letting you know you can be productive and accomplished where ever you may be.

Next, these videos are a really great way to “kick the tires” so to speak, or get a flavor of our style and how we operate before you come see us, or decide to work with us.

Take a deeper dive with Joe:

Aging & Financial Planning


Risk Management

CFP Confidentiality

College Planning



Estate Tax

Financial Plan

Fly Fishing

Golf Caddy

Golf Diversity



Legacy Hunting

Legacy Planning

Money PGM

Rainy Day



Retirement Tricks


Tennis Terms