How we do it

We believe this is the beginning of a life long relationship so we want to be sure that it is right for the both of us. We spend time with you to really understand what keeps you up at night, what is important to you and your family and your vision for your future. We need to understand, from your perspective, what your ideal financial partner looks like so we can be sure we can deliver upon your expectations. Then we roll up our sleeves and get busy, helping you gather all the pieces of your current financial situation so we can understand the foundation we will be building upon.

The link below will illustrate an outline of the process:
Our Process

We place a high premium on staying current in areas of legal, tax, investments, insurance, financial planning and trends. Our goal is to be very comprehensive in our approach. We are supported by LPL Financial that supports us with over 3000 employees providing compliance, support and supervision. LPL Financial has a team of over 70 INDEPENDENT research professionals who work with us and for you, our client, when it comes to determining sound investment options in line with your objectives. We have no proprietary products or investment banking relationships that get in the way of our analysis, recommendations and strategy.

Our independence allows us to go beyond the transactional relationship that so many of us experience when it comes to financial issues. We create a partnership with you, always advocating and basing our recommendations on what is in your best interest.