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Legacy Stories

Legacy can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  Legacy for most people involves the passing on of financial resources.  Although money can be part of a legacy, we believe a true legacy involves so much more.

In today’s modern fast paced culture, the gift of conversation and story telling about one’s family history is often lost between generations.  With that in mind we are excited to provide you with a unique tool that will help you capture life stories and memories for the generations to come.

Legacy Stories is an online portal that is designed to help guide you in gathering and preserving stories that are unique to you and your family.  Legacy Stories is an easy way to connect generations through thoughtful questions, story telling and picture gathering.  All of your information will be securely stored, shared with only those to whom you’ve given permission, and saved for a lifetime and beyond.

Please take a minute to watch the short introductory video and enjoy a complimentary membership on our behalf.