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Our Process

First Meeting – We get to know one another!

  • We understand for this relationship to work long term it has to feel right for the both of us. This relationship we are starting to build is not a one way street and will require continued effort from all involved. We want to make sure that we are a good long term match for one another and if not, then we each have the opportunity to express that respectfully move on.
  • We introduce our business model, our focus, and the tools available to assist you and your family.
  • You share your goals, your interests, and your expectations with us.
  • We will then discuss the level of our services that best fit your needs. Whether it be comprehensive financial planning and investment management, investment management only or some combination. We will review what that looks like as well as the associated fees.

Second Meeting – After we agree!

We believe a comprehensive financial plan is necessary for anyone who is serious about getting their financial house in order. Realizing that clients come to us at various stages of their lives, there are times where you may not be ready to commit to the planning process or you would like to delay that for a while until our relationship builds and that is OK. So dependent upon decisions from our first meeting, there are two different paths we can take.

Path #1: Full Planning and Investment Management:
This is the path most of our clients take and it begins with an exercise of discovery:

  • We will need to understand everything about your financial situation. This will include your personal assets, company programs (401K/Pensions/etc...), insurance, real estate, business ventures, etc.... We will provide you an extensive list as a guide as we go through this process. This will take a little time to put together and we will be available to help throughout the process.
  • Next we begin to detail your goals, dreams and desires with the understanding these will most likely evolve as life carries on. The financial plan is a living organic process that needs to be able to adapt to life's changing circumstances.

Path #2: Investment (asset) Management and Insurance Services:
If you are not ready or want to delay the full planning process but want our professional investment management and insurance services then we have a slightly different path to follow.

  • We will work with you to establish as risk profile taking into consideration your life's experiences and how you feel about investing. Based upon what we learn from this process we will be able to customize and present an asset allocation model for your review. We will explain the reasoning behind the model and make sure we are in total agreement. If you have chosen this path, skip to Fourth Meeting.

Third Meeting* - Creating the vision!

We take all the information we have learned throughout the discovery process and prepare a comprehensive financial plan and present it to you.

  • Focusing on your goals and resources, we share with you the most efficient plan and path to reach these goals
  • We present investment implementation strategies to most efficiently pursue your goals and explain the process behind it.
  • We present various online tools and technology available to help streamline your tracking and document storage.

Fourth Meeting – Making it happen!

Now that you have had some time to understand the plan in detail, we get together to move assets and plug them into the strategies we've discussed. It's as if we have built a beautiful car (financial plan) and now we get to drop the engine (implementation) in to it and let it run.

  • Here, we complete all paperwork needed to begin managing your investments.
  • We set up your online access to all your accounts and any other notifications you desire.

Fifth Meeting & Beyond – How are we doing!

We meet with you a minimum of four times per year; every 90 days. These meetings are generally preset January 1st every year so you can schedule around these important interactions. We feel it is important to speak with one another and review your investments every 90 days. You will find that communication is key to our process and we need to be sure that we are staying current with you so there are no surprises.

  • We will have three scheduled phone meetings as well as one scheduled face to face. We try to get together at least once a year (more if you like) and sit down with one another and have a deeper conversation than what may be possible during our phone visits.
  • Depending upon your circumstances we will confirm that the current plan is still on target or if necessary we will re-calibrate to accommodate any significant changes that have occurred.

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