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Joe Callahan

Joe Callahan

Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ | CEO

My name is Joe Callahan and I founded Callahan Financial in 1987.  I have been very blessed and enlightened from a young age.

At four years old, my father died of cancer and my mother raised myself and my three sisters. I learned how fragile life can be. I learned how to adapt and not only survive but thrive. I learned how to do very much with very little. I learned all this through the lens of a child, by a strong and courageous mother.

At seven years old, as a family we began to go one evening per week to the local soup kitchen, to serve. My mom wanted to let us know we had a blessed life. She wanted us to take on a heart of service.

As a result of this, I focus my free time on things that matter to me, and serve not in a board capacity but on the ground amongst the great people the organization is helping.

My life experiences have shaped how I lead.  How I lead our team and how I lead clients.  I have learned that what people want more than anything is to work with people that care about them.  We want you to thrive, relationally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.  We don’t just focus on the finances, instead we focus on all of you.

In reflecting, it is amazing to see how life’s struggles often go on to help shape who we are and how we are able to bless others from what we’ve learned along the way.

Activities that matter:

  • Youth coach in football, basketball, baseball, and rugby.
  • Big Brothers' Association for the past 47 years, first as a little brother and now as a big brother.
  • CASA advocate for abused and neglected children.
  • Mission and disaster relief activist.
    • Providing relief for victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.
    • Traveling to other countries to create self-sustaining opportunities and hope.
  • City Gospel Mission – mentoring and leading men in addiction, into sobriety.
  • 2011 Altruism Award.
    • Given by Registered Rep magazine for “Advisors with Heart.
  • Crossroads Church.
  • Men’s small group leader.